Isla Blanca is a great place to practice Stand Up Paddle and Kayak when there is no wind. There is plenty of space and you can explore some virgin places. Paddling in the shallow waters of Isla Blanca is a unique experience and you can also have a lot of fun going into the small waves of the caribbean sea side of Isla Blanca.

There are some Stand Up Paddle and Kayak equipment in Isla Blanca B&B available for the guests. There is several reef to go explore closely to the house and you can also go see the sunset from the water, witch is a breathtaking experience. The best paddler will even be able to cross to Isla Mujeres, witch is about 8 km away.


What makes Isla Blanca So good for Strand Up Paddle or Kayak?

  • There is beautiful unexplored areas in Isla Blanca only accessible in SUP or KAYAK
  • Isla Blanca is a very safe spot with calm and shallow water and no current
  • There is some small and easy waves to catch in the sea side of Isla Blanca