Isla Blanca, contrary to its name, is not an Island but actually a peninsula located about 20 km from downtown Cancun. It is an isolated strip of land that separate the caribbean sea on one side and the laguna Chacmuchuc on the other side. The caribbean sea side of Isla Blanca is a beautiful 20 km white sandy beach with transparent blue waters. The laguna side is a long flat sandy stretch, mixed with mangrove. The very sallow water combined with the white sand in the lagoon, gives an impressive white color to the water. At some point, the strip of land is narrow enough to observe both the blue caribbean sea and the white water of the lagoon.


Isla Blanca is one of the last preserved areas near Cancun and there is no tourism development there. It is a completely natural area and the only people that goes there are the locals during the weekends and holidays and the outdoor activities enthusiasts, mainly kitesurfers.

There is several parking areas along the way to Isla Blanca, all located on the caribbean sea side. About 750m after Isla Blanca B&B, there is a restaurant operated by the local fisherman. This point is the end of the road and the beginning of the beach. You will have to pay 30 pesos to pass your car to the beach and drive further north of Isla Blanca. Most of the people bring their own food and drink and spend the entire day at Isla Blanca.


BASIC package:

1st, you need 30 pesos to pass the car to the main beach or to park your car. We recommend you to bring a umbrella because there is no three or shade in Isla Blanca. It is also important to bring a trash can to preserve the beach as nice as it is. If you are going to Isla Blanca when there is no wind, we recommend to bring a spray. Windy days are fine. Be sure to have enough gas because the closest gas station is about 20 km away so it is 40km round trip… There is no grocery store or OXXO close by so be sure you have everything you need before you leave Cancun.

LIKE A BOSS package:

  • BBQ with red meet, vegetables, quesadillas and nopales (Mexican cactus)
  • A cooler full of coronas
  • A designated driver (police is often waiting at the exit of Isla Blanca to catch the corona drinkers…)
  • Tents or umbrellas
  • beach chairs tommy bahama from the Costco
  • Your dogs
  • Music
  • Kitesurfing gear
  • Stand Up Paddle if there is no wind
  • Still 30 pesos for the parking…
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From downtown Cancun, Drive north on the Bonampack Avenue, toward Punta Sam. Arriving at Punta Sam, there is two round about in front of resorts. At the second round about, you have to take turn left  and keep driving north. The Road is paved and nice until it strangely become a sandy road. Keep driving on that road about 10 minute and you will get to the restaurant that charges 30 pesos to pass your car to Isla Blanca’s beach.