Isla Blanca B&B is a unique concept in the area. It is a large house where you can rent a room and share the common areas with other guests. You also get some services from you host. It is a common concept in Europe called Bed and Breakfast.

The rooms are large and have their own bathrooms, witch mean you have a lot of privacy. But the fact that you are sharing the house with other guests makes it a much cheaper accommodation option, and make you meet a great people.



Isla Blanca B&B is a rare beachfront house of nearly 700 m2 in Isla Blanca. this 3 stories residence has been built only 8 years ago using high quality materials and has been very well maintained so it is in excellent conditions. The house has 3 full bedrooms + a dorm room, 2,5 bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a cover parking for 2 cars, a rooftop terrace with solar panels and many amenities.

The views are breathtaking from every angles of the house and it is one of the very rare house near Cancun that really feels like a beach house. The only noise you will hear at night is the wind and waves of the caribe.

Here you can find out a bit more about the house and see some pictures.