Isla Blanca B&B is the best accommodation option available in Isla Blanca. 2 beachfront houses located 20Km north from Cancun offers 10 rooms at a very reasonable price. 1 house being more oriented to bed&Breakfast accommodation and the other house as an adventure sport center, base of the Isla Blanca Kite school, Stand Up Jet Ski rentals, and Fly me, the only powered paragliding club in Cancun.

The combination of the 2 houses and the adventure sport center make of Isla Blanca B&B  a great option to live your Isla Blanca experience.



Isla Blanca is the perfect place to practice outdoor activities. It is the most famous kitesurfing spot in Mexico due to it’s exceptional wind statistics all year long and the perfectly flat and warm water. But Isla blanca is not JUST a kitesurfing place. It is also great for the practice of powered paragliding, Stand Up Jet Ski, flyfishing, SUP, Kayaking, outdoor photography, mountain biking and much more. Come to Isla Blanca Adventure Sportcenter and get ready to get some fresh air!

As an adventure sport center, we do operate many activities, such as:

Kitesurfing: Isla Blanca Kite School is our in house school, we provide great equipment and certified instructors.

Powered Paragliding: Fly Me is our in house powered paragliding club. We have 1 trike for tandem flights and members of the clubs that are always ready to fly.

Stand Up Jet Ski: For the love of these machines, we are the only one who still rent Stand Up Jet Ski in Mexico.

We don’t operate the other activities but we do recommend you to what we think are the best options to practice each sports/activities and give you information about the usual prices so you can plan your trip.


Isla Blanca is located about 25 minutes driving north from downtown Cancun (20 km/12 miles). It is one of the most privileged location of Cancun and state of Quintana Roo because it is quite easy to access and offer unique virgins beaches. The house is located on the ocean side of Isla Blanca, 3 streets before the entrance of Icarus Kiteboarding school.

It is easy to get there in car, and no 4×4 is needed to get to the B&B. Taxis would bring you for about 250 pesos from downtown. The area is very safe and you can easily go to Kite surf walking.